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Arash Romeo Valizdeh Soofiani

Congratulations to Arash Romeo Valizadeh Soofiani. Silver medal at the 2015 USA National Judo Senior Championships. Two Bronze medals at the  2013 PANAMERICANA Cup in Costa Rica. He was chosen to represent the USA Judo National Team at the IJF Grand Prix and study the art of Judo in Japan. Arash also is going to represent the USA and will compete with the Elite SAMBO and Judo athletes in Universiades and World Cups and Championships.

Good luck ! Dynamo Forever!




Dynamo at Training Clinic for Team USA Jujitsu

On March 30th, 2013- The All-Japan Jujitsu International Federation hosted its training clinic for the official United States Team for Jujitsu. Attending this clinic were O-Sensei Aleksey Kunin, O-Sensei Hal Sharp, Shihan Gary Goltz, Shihan Boris Brezhnev, Shihan Tony Calvino, among many others. The head instructors gathered to evaluate the potential candidates for the team that will train and compete together. SAMBO draws many of its technical principles from the intricacies of joint manipulation characteristic of Japanese jujitsu. Shihan Brezhnev explained the very fundamental relationship between maneuvers that are characteristic of all budo. Combat Sambo demonstrations were done by Sensei Justin Brezhnev and Master of Sport in Sambo Skyler Lucci. Sport sambo demonstrations were presented by Nikita Akimov and his Coach Andrei Akimov. 


Great Season, Normans!

March 6th, 2013- The Beverly Hills High School Wrestling Team celebrates the end of the season with an annual banquet, where the coaching staff reflected on the individual performances, improvements, and achievements. Several wrestlers were recognized for their astonishing performance at League Finals, CIF Championship, and other tournaments.   Among these few, Nick Sands and Team Captain Dakota Anderson took home awards commemorating their dedication and leadership. Many of these wrestlers practice with Dynamo as well. Many of the techniques they incorporate are elements of mixed martial arts--sambo, judo, etc. We hope to see many of these folkstyle wrestlers return in Spring 2013 for our program.

Happy Birthday, Nikita Akimov!

March 1, 2013- Nikita celebrates his birthday and his success as an athlete. He has been working very hard toward his goals and is looking to represent the United States in the USA Open Championship once again this year. Nikita is an animal on the mat and has great prospects for being international caliber. It is a pleasure to work with him and watch him grow as both an athlete and person.

Congratulations to Arash Valizadeh: Shodan

On February 9th, Arash Valizadeh Soofiani received his 1st Dan Black Belt- Shodan in Judo. After many years of commitment and hard work in the sports of Judo, SAMBO and Folkstyle, he has finally received the honor. Arash began his judo career back in 2007 and placed third place in the USJA Winter Nationals. He has won numerous National Judo tournaments. Recently he placed third at the 2012 President's Club for the Black Belt 100+ Category. Arash has been practicing with Dynamo and Gokor's Hayastan to hone his uchikomi form and randori stamina; meanwhile, he has been weight-training and special conditioning. With Dynamo, he has finally achieved his Shodan in judo and Master of SAMBO, and can now enter a whole new arena of National and International competitions. The judoka has big prospects as the qualifier for the USA Judo and SAMBO National Teams for the Universiade approaches. The Universiade will be held in Kazan, Russia in July of 2013.

SAMBO inducted to AJJIF

O-Sensei Aleksey Kunin of the All-Japan Jujitsu International Federation (AJJIF) traveled to the Dynamo Club in California to induct SAMBO into the AJJIF. On February 9th, the ceremony featured an exhibition by various martial arts: SAMBO, judo, jujitsu, karate, taekwondo, Japanese archery, and various others. The exhibitions was graced with the presence of many honorable senseis from gyms all over California and Mexico, including Hayastan and Pasadena Martial Arts Academy. The purpose of this exhibition was to demonstrate a unity of styles- though different in technique, they all celebrated the philosophy necessary for a lifestyle committed to martial art.


Sensei Boris Brezhnev is awarded his 7th Dan Black Belt!

Sensei Boris Brezhnev was presented with his  Shichidan (7th Degree) Black Belt in Judo. There are only a select few Shichidans in the world, who committed over forty years  of their lives to the sport. ​

Success for Dynamo Alumni- Lojac to NYU

Alumni of our mixed martial arts program, Dylan Lojac has taken his passion for high caliber athletics to the collegiate level. He is now representing New York University (NYU) in wrestling for the 157lb weight class. Lojac's career with Dynamo is very successful: gold medalist at Dynamo MMA Open Championship, Gold Medalist at the 2012 Pan-American SAMBO Championship, and participation in several national judo events. Lojac's passion was in folk-style wrestling, the collegiate style of wrestling in the U.S.  He finished his career at Beverly Hills High School with a 36-7 record. Lojac is studying Math/Economics and is interested in pursuing law in the future. Click here for more information at the NYU athletics website: 

USA Almost at the SAMBO Podium in Kazan, Russia

74 kg sportsman, Justin Brezhnev, placed 5th at the 2012 University World Cup that took place from November 30 to December 2 in Kazan, Russia.  Brezhnev went 2-2 in the tournament, placing 5th.  In the first round, he was victorious over Iran by submssion- armbar in the first two minutes of the match. In his final match, he was fighting for the bronze medal but tapped to a strong ankle lock performed by the sportman from Lithuania. 100 +kg representative Arash Valizadeh faced a tough pool and fell to the Lithuanian fighter in the semi-finals with a difference in the score being only 1 point!  The two Dynamo athletes are now contenders for the 2013 Unviersiade Games that will take place in Kazan as well this coming July.  This  weekend's world cup was a testing stage tournament for Kazan's hosting of the prestigious Universiade- which is the University Olympic Games. 

Nikita Akimov Places 2nd at
USJA/USJF  Winter Judo Nationals

In the category of 11-12 Years Boys 42 KG, Nikita Akimov received a silver medal while at the USJA/USJF Winter Nationals. Nikita was one out of 497 shiai competitors that came between the 1st and 2nd of December. Dynamo was one of the 86 clubs that participated in this national event. Nikita was a previously a member of SAMBO-7  and now that he has come to Los Angeles to live, he will continue his victories with the Dynamo spirit. 

Next Stop: Minsk for World Championships

Dynamo sent members for sport and combat categories in the World Championships in SAMBO that took place in Minsk, Belarus from the 8th to the 12th of November.  In sport, the representatives included Arash Valizadeh (100+ kg) and Justin Brezhnev (74kg) meanwhile in combat: James Teele (74kg). Valizadeh who is now ranked 5th in the 100+ kg weight category for the FIAS World Senior Rankings came into the tournament strong and placed 7th. The USA Team had the chance to meet important officials within the sambo world who included: Dr. David Rudman, founder of SAMBO-70, Fedor Emelianenko, Pride Fighter and World SAMBO Champion, and Honorable General Aslamdek Alsakhanov.

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