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Dynamo Sports Club is an internationally recognized organization that creates martial arts curriculum applicable to individuals looking to acquire knowledge about self-defense and prepare for sport competitions. Our mission is to teach individuals the necessary skills to be in good health, maintain fitness, and gain confidence in their daily lives. At Dynamo, we believe that the answers to achieving balance in life can be found in the discipline and work ethic associated with learning any martial art. Our coaching staff is knowledgeable in conditioning the strength, endurance, flexibility, and technique that is necessary for pursuing a career in the wrestling, martial art, and combat sports. Our programs have produced athletes that have gone to represent the United States in the SportAccord World Combat Games, Universiade, USA National Championships in Judo, World Cups/Championship in SAMBO and Judo, and California State Wrestling Championship Tournaments. Most importantly, we are great supporters of public safety and anti-bullying initiatives and so we pride ourselves in producing individuals that leave our doors knowing that they have the skills necessary to defend themselves in threatening situations.


The Dynamo Sports Club of Beverly Hills was founded in 2006 by Dr. Boris Brezhnev as an outlet for students of the Beverly Hills High School to pursue martial arts in an after-school program for the youth as well as for the adults of the City of Beverly Hills and the Los Angeles communities.  This organization was created as an extension and continuation of the traditions of the original Dynamo Club that Dr. Brezhnev was a member of back in his youth in the 1970s- Dynamo Kiev in Ukraine. The program has been supported by the City of Beverly Hills and grew into a national and international sensation, giving birth to many professional athletes that have reached success at local, national, and international events. The founder now have expanded the influence of the Dynamo Club and wish to continue preaching the ideals of martial arts as an enrichment to living life with peace, tranquility, and balance.

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